Our Approach

If you're looking for professional property management with a personal touch, Classic Management is the right choice for you. Classic Management is a small firm specializing in the management of condominium properties in northern Connecticut and western Massachusetts.

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Our Promise

We promise that we will do everything within our power to manage your community in a professional manner and provide consistent service and support in order to accomplish all of your Association’s goals.

Our Experience & Expertise

Stephen T. Henderson, principal of Classic Management, has been involved in the commercial real estate business since 1983.

Mr. Henderson has handled property management responsibilities for most residential or commercial types of real estate. He has handled condominiums, apartments, hotels, manufactured housing communities, office buildings and retail complexes in over 20 states. Mr. Henderson has also financed over $2 billion in real estate over his career with emphasis on hospitality and multi-family housing.

Terri S. Henderson, principal of Classic Management, has been managing multi-family real estate and condominiums since 1999. Mrs. Henderson has a business background and is responsible for overseeing the administrative functions and financial aspects of Classic Management.

Mrs. Henderson also handles and negotiates all contracts for Classic’s portfolio of clients as well as supervising Classic’s professional staff.

With more than 35 years experience combined, Classic Management can provide your association with the knowledge and expertise gained from a wide range of management applications, combined with the benefit of a very personalized, individualistic approach that is only available with a small dedicated management firm.

Community Association Certified

Running a community association is like running a business. The best way for homeowners to protect their investment is by hiring a qualified, board-certified CMCA.​

The certification is awarded to those who pass the CMCA examination, a rigorous test that measures the skills essential for effectively managing community associations. We were tested on community management, industry trends, standards and legislative issues.

Community Association Managers

The CMCA certification provides standards for association management that give boards confidence in their manager's knowledge and ability to provide professional service. It is the only worldwide certification program designed exclusively for community association managers.

As part of Classic Management's commitment to maintaining our CMCA's, we uphold the ethical standards for community association management and continue to educate ourselves on the issues we face every day.