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Our Services

Classic Management provides all the property management services you expect with a principal personally overseeing all Association business. Services include management, administrative, and financial services.

Personal attention by the principal ensures the highest level of service, prompt response to the community’s needs, and the benefit of many years experience in the Condominium Management field.

Certain administrative and customer service duties will be provided by an account representative that will be assigned specifically to your community. The account representative will be familiar with the governing documents and board policies

and procedures as well as the community itself. Account representatives provide prompt and courteous service to the community. The account representative handles items such as general questions, copying, mailing, word processing, and more.

Customer telephone calls are handled promptly and professionally. When the office is closed, an answering service ensures emergency calls are handled promptly.

Management Services:

  • Long range planning to maintain, enhance and preserve the community.
  • Attendance at meetings.
  • Accurate minutes of meetings.
  • Dispute resolution/rules enforcement.
  • Achievement of Board approved goals.
  • Inspection of property on a regular basis.
  • Arranging maintenance, repairs and/or replacement.
  • Responding to emergencies.
  • Bidding and contracting for services.
  • Maintenance request assignment and follow-up.

Administrative Services

  • Maintaining community association’s records.
  • All records are backed up securely offsite.
  • Preparing materials for and organizing and participating in meetings of the community association, the board, and any committees.
  • Preparation of a periodic newsletter.
  • Mailings to owners.
  • Legal service coordination.
  • Risk Management and insurance.
  • Managing the community association’s contractors and vendors.

Financial Services

  • Assist Board of Trustees/Directors in preparing the annual budget.
  • Collecting assessments.
  • Payment of bills.
  • Preparation and review of monthly financial statements.
  • Assist Association’s auditor.


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